refractionThis image has the class of .thumb with the following CSS rules:

eight rolloverThis is an image with a "Behavior". [Behaviors - Swap Image].
Select Original Image and then Browse for Rollover Image.








fish fish This is an image with a "hot spot". The hot spot determines a more specific hit area.
With the image selected, apply a "map" area from the properties panel.

** add to image map in source code <area shape="rect" style="outline: 0;" coords="25,23,95,91"href="#" alt="fish" />







fishThis is an image with a "Behavior". [Behaviors - Effects - Appear/Fade].
Determine the effect duration and percentages. Change the "mouse event" to onLoad.

background-image: no-repeat ;

background-image: repeat ;

background-image: no-repeat;
background-position: 230px, 40px;